I worked for tom ferrys main office in irvine, ca about 2 years ago. I have always been great at sales and have enjoyed selling reputable products.

Let me tell you this is far from reputable and in my opinion complete scam. Its total hard sell training. No doesnt mean no. if they dont have the money make them find it.

and on and on. They make it seem so great after you get hired but once you see 6 people let go in your first week the story seems pretty clear to me. It made it very depressing to come to work knowing that i was trying to rip people off. honestly i just stayed for the base pay because i had to pay rent.

I made 1 sale and felt so bad about it that i reached out to her privately the day after and told her to rescind. To give you a clear idea of whats going on it looks like this. Adult scam artists who have probably been dishonest their entire life training naive college age kids how to rip people off. then a weird ceo walking around acting like a cheerleader.

dont ever work here people please and more importantly NEVER SIGN UP FOR COACHING. IT WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER!!!

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