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I have signed up for the Tom Ferry coaching. the cost $600 a month.

Besides the two calls a month, (that are only 30 minutes long, and barely enough time to get anything out of), they over-promise and under-deliver. Now, after understanding that it's totally overpriced, and in financial crisis, the only way they will release me so my contract, if I pay $3,000 fine.

They are absolutely disgusting. Don't do it!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tom Ferry International Program.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I was a victim of the TF Organization also, They took my money an ran.. NO refunds, no actual guaranties or results, they make you sign a disclaimer and basically you are screwed. They blame you if you fail.


Coaching for what ?

Not nearly enough information here.

Complaint - denied

to Smith #1391390

Coaching for what?

Real estate sales coaching! Isn't that what they do?

Well, Here is more information for you.

The salse rap sold me the idea that I could get out of the contract if I can no longer pay (Very Likely because I am a new agent).

Thay takes advantage of the new agents and promises you-you will make the money back to pay for coaching. Turns out it takes longer than that.

I will give you an Example - Help me find a farm - how to do it, what to do? Answer - Find a place of about 400 homes with 6% turn over.

Grate - I heard that so many times for free. Really don't need to pay 300 for that. Another example - How do I become more organized? Answer -Follow a calendar.

Again, I heard that before. Now, I don't want to sound negative, because I gave it a real chance. I did it for 3 months. And my coach is really sweet.

It's not her fault, its the company that she is in. I could get out of a home contract for less than what they are asking me. What has happened here? This is America!!!!

I fell totally taking advantage of! And I will take this as far as I need to!

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