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This is a highway robbery! They Did not deliver on the promised results.

I signed up with Tom ferry coaching when i first got my real estate license. Young and lost of course i was looking to learn and get off on the right foot. I had a call with Tom ferries team with no intentions of buying into the program because i didn’t have the funds to keep up with it. However they were very persuasive and started pressuring me on the phone to pull the triggger now.

The guy on the phone went as far as to guarantee me results in the first 30 days and told me the coaching would pay for itself after that. As I learned, guarantees are pretty much worthless with this company because they make it basically impossible to qualify. I had 2 half hour coaching calls which was incredibly pointless. They provided me with ZERO value!!

They told me to go on Zillow and call people. That was their $500 advice. I was so frustrated with the lack of value that i tried to discontinue it after the first month and $500 down the drain. I spoke with the ‘coach’ and Tom ferries team and could not get them to cancel.

Not only did I lose $500, but that set me back mentally so far that I almost quit the real estate business all together. So now 2 years later, they are HARRASSING ME weekly THREATENING to report me if I don’t pay them $5,000+ !!! $5000+ for 2 Coaching calls that provided absolutely ZERO VALUE!! I recommend you use your money on Facebook and other ads.

You'll get far better results than you can ever get through any type of paid coaching. Especially one that TRAPS YOU.

They are all hype with little else for your money. Before you sign up for the iron clad 12 month contract, read the reviews -I sure wish I had.

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I completely agree with you, I was also a victim of the TF organization,

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