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I just got off of the phone with a guy from the Tom Ferry organization. He was one of their sales people.

The worst experience I have ever had with a professional organization. First, the guy missed his scheduled appointment time and wanted me to reschedule my afternoon appointment to accommodate his schedule. I refused and went on my appointment with a client. He calls me back that afternoon around 6 pm.

I am home from work getting ready to eat dinner and spend time with my family but I took his call hoping to hear something that may be effective in helping me with my business. I ask him if I will need my computer. He responds, "yea, you need your computer. I mean it's not going to hurt you is it?" ( a simple yes or no would suffice and he began the conversation with his condescending tone and then he starts rolling with the insults) He asks me how many deals I closed last year.

I told him. (I would like to be assisted in doing better with my business that is why I took time that I could have been spending with my family to listen to his sales pitch) and he responds by saying "was that considered a good year for you because I know of women who closed three to four times that amount in their first year. Or is it that you are okay with that." I told him no I consider it my first year. (it wasn't the best but I learned a lot and this year I am already contracted for more than I was last year.) He responded "So you just don't care." By this time I had enough of the arrogance and condescending tone.

If I didn't care I wouldn't have wasted my time on this call. Whether he knew people who were doing better than me or not the fact of the matter is he was calling me trying to sell me on this product. I would never go into an appointment insulting my potential clients, belittling them and being ridiculously sarcastic. I am not your punching bag, your trash can, or your place mat so please do not treat me as such.

If you want to solicit for business I am all for it but treat people respectfully. Some people try to just sell you on things. They have their greasy little sales pitch that they give to everyone they don't care if their product is a good fit for you or not. They could care less about you as an individual as long as you continue to dig into your pockets and give them your money.

FYI my business is growing. I have already closed more deals in January then I closed for the entire year during my first year in Real Estate. It's because I am determined to be successful. I regularly educate myself on the business and study ways to improve.

I probably would have invested in the Tom Ferry system but Mr.

Ferry if you condone this sort of behavior as a productive way of doing business I would prefer not to be associated with you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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At least you were smart enough not to sign up, I was not that lucky, I was scammed and lost more than just the coaching fees, I relocated my family as they had promised that I could make $350,000.00 in any market with their coaching. Lost all the relocation money, 10s of thousands in the move.

Sacramento, California, United States #1255903

I had a similar experience, with a sales rep who was trying to schedule me for a free session. I was on the fence, as I had tried it in the past and it was helpful.

However their tactics were intrusive to the point of being obnoxious and deceitful. When I said as much to the sales rep she responded by saying that "well we're looking for people who are coachable and you're obviously not coachable." How's that for gold plated customer service?


I can totally see this! I just got back from Sales Edge where I basically paid to go to a 3 day coaching hard sale, not at all what I signed up for, it felt like a timeshare presentation. Horrible company they were condescending and arrogant..."if you can't afford 600 per month, borrow it!!" Ugh

to Anonymous Longwood, Florida, United States #1177798

so do you think the coaching would help.... are you saying no way??

to Anonymous Longwood, Florida, United States #1177801

I signed up for the coaching this week but after reading all the bad reviews I'm going to write my letter to cancel I still have time thank you all

to Anonymous Homer Glen, Illinois, United States #1350039

So did they let you cancel? And if not are you still with them and what's your experience?

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